Top 5 Stars

5 Stars To Keep An Eye On

Guys, we all know it: is hot right now.
“Damien, why are you so obsessed with” – I am not.

I’m just getting paid to write about the latest news in social media
world. Lol. Kidding.. or am I?

Anyway, here is a list of 5 Stars to keep an eye on. Not only do these kiddo’s have millions of fans on, but they are also signing deals in media world outside of the app. For some of them I don’t know how they managed to do this. They probably Buy Musically Followers. Yes, really.

#1 Kristen Hancher


This Canadian internet star is only 16 years old, and has already gathered over five million followers on, isn’t that insane?

We all know that isn’t easy to monetize just yet, but we do know that these followers convert to other social media profiles as well. Kristen has over 1 million followers on Instagram too. She was among the first musers to get awarded with a musically crown. Awesome.

#2 Cameron Dallas

Copyright Rex Shutterstock 2016;38064592;3600;2400;1466212025;Sat, 18 Jun 2016 01:07:05 GMT;0

Cameron came from the Vine world, but as that’s now dead, he converted to Musically. He did that well, 21 years old and over 4 million Musers following him.
I actually met him in Milan once, when I was there for work. Should’ve asked for an interview.

#3 BabyAriel


Do I need to say more? I say, you say: … Exactly: BabyAriel. She is one of the most famous Musers of this moment. 7 million followers. I repeat: 7 EFFIN million followers. Well played Babyariel.

#4 Jacob Sartorius


If you’re a girl and under 16 years old, you have heard of this kid. No, you really did. Don’t lie. This dude got over 5 million followers and performed in the ‘Work’ music video by Rihanna:

#5 Maddie Ziegler

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 18: Maddie Ziegler attends "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 2" premiere at AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 theater on November 18, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Grant Lamos IV/FilmMagic)

Australian Maddie ends this list, she did crazy well with over 5 million followers. She stars in multiple music videos (outside of She’s a great dancer!
Alright, that sums up this list. Tune in next week for more.

YouTube Six New Comment Features

6 New Tools To Manage YouTube Comments

Ever since YouTube implemented (read: forced) Google+ into its system, things in the comment section have gone south.

It was obscure, timestamps didn’t work and it overall just sucked.

But this all comes to an end. YouTube introduced six new tools to manage your comment section. Let’s have a look at its features:

YouTube Six New Comment Features

  1. Feature comments. We all know this feeling: someone pointed out something very nice about you in the comment section. And you think: “Yes! You’re damn right” – but you’re so popular that the comment gets buried and will never be seen again. Well, no more!
  2. Give hearts. You can now ‘like’ comments to show your gratitude. I guess this feature is pretty cool as it keeps you engaged with your audience without having to actually reply to anyone. Good thinking YouTube!
  3. Who’s the boss? You! But it used to be really hard to get noticed in the comment section. Since you’re the owner of the channel, you should get some extra attention right? Well, YouTube now shows your username within a red box. You are so important.
  4. Choose moderators. Have an active comment section? Can’t keep up with answering questions or deleting spam? You can now choose moderators that will be able to delete comments.
  5. Filters. You can now block comments and phrases, so you can finally filter all these negativities away. You little dictator, good for you!
  6. Well.. YouTube says this is feature number six but I actually think this is feature number 5. You can now prevent certain comments / words from being commented before they were actually commented. Dictator 2.0

That’s about it. I gotta be honest, I’m really happy with these new features. The comment section used to be a complete wilderness, and now it just works.

I don’t know why YouTube did not fix this three years ago. Is it all about sharing your videos and getting feedback / ratings right? – But I’m glad they fixed this and it’s a major improvement.

YouTube Finally Free of Spam?

We are not 100% sure, but rumors have been going around. YouTube seems to have strengthened its spam detection system. We are going to do some tests and report back later.

Thanks for reading this article, feel free to share it if you liked it. See you next time 🙂

how to get verified on instagram in 2017

How You Can Get That Instagram Verified Tick!

Oh yes, this has been requested a lot. A whole lot.

Getting verified on social networking sites is one of the most desirable thing these days, be it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. And specially on Instagram, the craze is quite maddening as this is the most used photo sharing platform in the whole world.

There is a saying – “A picture is worth a thousand words” and it quietly does so. You may not admit or you may, but deep down inside, you know how much you crave for a verified badge on your own Instagram profile.

It would gain you the stature of a celebrity in the twinkling of an eye. So by now, you must have asked yourself this question a number of times- “How do I get a verified badge on my Instagram profile?” or “Is it really possible to have one for me?” Well, let’s find out.

There are numberous routes to take. You could buy real Instagram followers on sites like BuyIGViews, (#sp) boost your profile and hope that Instagram will be so gracious to hand it out to you. Or you could keep
sending them e-mails, begging them for that badge. But let’s be honest here, what are the chances?

Begging for that badge

According to the Instagram, currently you cannot request for a verification badge yourself. Their official website says, “Right now, only some public figures, celebrities and brands have verified badges. It’s not currently possible to request a verified badge.” You will find more information on this here in their official website.

Some of you might want the verification badge so badly but do not have a clue on what it is or how it helps you. Well let’s help you out on this. Instagram verification badge is a blue ‘tick’ symbol that appears on a profile when you open them. This blue tick means the user is the actual user who he or she is claiming to be. In other words, the verified badge proves ‘you’ to be ‘really you’. Though it has some perks at some stages of social media, the verified badge, as of now, doesn’t help you in any remarkable way other than authenticating you.

Instagram explains

Since unlike Facebook or Twitter, Instagram in a comparably new platform, their terms and conditions for getting a verified badge on your profile might change in the near future and in that likely scenario, keep the following in mind. It might help you a great deal in earning one blue tick for you.

Since they have clearly mentioned in the site that only few people like celebrities or organizations can get a verified badge, ask yourself a question. What do they have in common? Well the answer is ‘number of followers’ If you can manage to gather a large number of followers on Instagram, like the celebs do, your chance of getting a verified badge would be very high in the near future.

The second way that I am going to mention to you is a bit off the track since it would not be possible for all to follow this. If you are working on a well renowned farm or a very big organization and are holding an important post, you are likely to get a verification badge in your instagram future.

Social Media Whatsapp MessageThe next solution might be a bit awkward as this involves your personal life being threatened. If someone is impersonating you and you feel this could lead to a disaster for you, you can be awarded a verified badge on your profile in order to prove your identity. But this method is not verified as your query is likely to be addressed to if you are a big gun of the society.


You must be very active throughout your journey on Instagram as every social networking site wants active users. Hence, even if you manage to have a large number of followers, but you are not active enough, your chances would decrease drastically while having a large following along with a very much active profile would help you in getting a verified batch.

Now that you know you must have a large following to have a verified badge, do not try to make fake fans on your profile. They would make thing go south. Instagram pays very minute attention to this fake fan problem and if you have bought a portion of your followers from a click farm, you would never get e verified badge.

There are many fake websites that would claim to help you on getting a verified badge. I cannot say for sure whether this is legit or not, but before you invest your hard earned money, think twice. But if you want the blue tick that badly, even at cost of money, then go ahead, do an experiment at your own risk. Happy clicking!