6 New Tools To Manage YouTube Comments

YouTube Six New Comment Features

Ever since YouTube implemented (read: forced) Google+ into its system, things in the comment section have gone south.

It was obscure, timestamps didn’t work and it overall just sucked.

But this all comes to an end. YouTube introduced six new tools to manage your comment section. Let’s have a look at its features:

YouTube Six New Comment Features

  1. Feature comments. We all know this feeling: someone pointed out something very nice about you in the comment section. And you think: “Yes! You’re damn right” – but you’re so popular that the comment gets buried and will never be seen again. Well, no more!
  2. Give hearts. You can now ‘like’ comments to show your gratitude. I guess this feature is pretty cool as it keeps you engaged with your audience without having to actually reply to anyone. Good thinking YouTube!
  3. Who’s the boss? You! But it used to be really hard to get noticed in the comment section. Since you’re the owner of the channel, you should get some extra attention right? Well, YouTube now shows your username within a red box. You are so important.
  4. Choose moderators. Have an active comment section? Can’t keep up with answering questions or deleting spam? You can now choose moderators that will be able to delete comments.
  5. Filters. You can now block comments and phrases, so you can finally filter all these negativities away. You little dictator, good for you!
  6. Well.. YouTube says this is feature number six but I actually think this is feature number 5. You can now prevent certain comments / words from being commented before they were actually commented. Dictator 2.0

That’s about it. I gotta be honest, I’m really happy with these new features. The comment section used to be a complete wilderness, and now it just works.

I don’t know why YouTube did not fix this three years ago. Is it all about sharing your videos and getting feedback / ratings right? – But I’m glad they fixed this and it’s a major improvement.

YouTube Finally Free of Spam?

We are not 100% sure, but rumors have been going around. YouTube seems to have strengthened its spam detection system. We are going to do some tests and report back later.

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